"I'm now convinced that once you know about
BongoTies, there are certain tasks which are best done with them. No other way works as well as BongoTies to contain coiled power cables."
"I'm also using them with one of my articulated pieces of equipment to make umbilical cable bundles which hold power, usb and serial cables. They solve both the cable bundling problem and the bundle attachment problem at the same time."
---Dr. Lewis Knapp, Motion Control Engineer, Santa Cruz, California
I sold a car today.  One guess as to how the new owner received the keys.
 Head Geezer
It's not about AGE.  It's about ATTITUDE!
"The DP wanted to have the eyepiece on the right side of camera and it is aways a hassle, but here is a pict of your BongoTies hard at work."

- E Gunnar Mortensen
1st AC Local 600
Local 600 Cinematographer's Guild

"Sharp Wit and Sharper Focus"

LA Photographer Astor Morgan
Never goes on a shoot without
Here's Astor shooting on the set for
Compassionate Eye Foundation
Astor is Chairman of the Board, APA Los Angeles


Pol' Atteu - Bevery Hills high fashion designer, was spotted on a flight to Florida sporting BongoTies as wrist bangles.


From: "Terry Straehley" <>
Date: April 6, 2010 10:36:59 AM PDT

Using BongoTies to attach a tripod to a KATA R series backpack.  Somehow the tripod attaching straps that came with my R-103 disappeared, and I was unable to purchase replacements locally. I am going on a trip shortly, so do not want to have to order them from New Jersey. My local Samy's salesperson suggested BongoTies as a possibility.  Stringing three together top and bottom solved the problem perfectly.

-- Terry Straehley


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